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Selling your home can be a logistical minefield with all the conflicting information out there.

With this in mind we have put together this simple guide to highlight the most important factors to help make the process as fast and painless as possible.

1. Find the right agent to work with.

The first step to successfully sell your home must always be finding a reputable and suitable agent. You need an agent who knows which market your property will fit into, including a solid knowledge of the area and the price your property can fetch. They should be able to provide examples of similar properties that have sold.

They must be able to give you an accurate property valuation and provide you with a clear outline of their fees. However, never be be afraid to negotiate and let them know their competitor’s rates.

You want an agent who has online presence and can ensure you obtain maximum viewings through current and innovative marketing techniques.

If you decide to use multiple agents, it is important to take into consideration you may end up paying more than one fee; irrelevant who sells the property. Always read the fine print. A good agent will not try to mislead you and will be upfront about all their costs.

2. Getting the Price Right.

Make sure that you do some independent research into what properties such as yours are selling for in your area. Homes advertised at a certain asking price are not necessarily a realistic reflection of how much they sell for.

Be wary of pricing your property too high that it reduces the resale potential, but also pricing it too low that you will lose money. This is why finding a well-informed agent to work with is invaluable.

3. It’s Not Just What’s Inside that Counts.

We all know that first impressions count. As a potential buyer approaches the entrance of your property you want them to feel impressed and looking forward to seeing what it looks like inside.

Ensure that the outside is well-maintained and tidy. This is easy to do with minimal expense, a lick of paint, some hanging baskets and plant pots can often do the trick. Keep unsightly bins, untidy bikes and toys out of view.

If you have a garden make sure the grass is cut, terraces are clean and create a clear and welcoming space that potential buyers can imagine themselves using.

4. Time to De-Clutter.

All those bits and pieces you’ve been meaning to sort and throw out – now is the time!

You don’t need to hire an interior decorator for an expensive makeover. A few clever storage solutions, a couple of tins of neutral paint and some bin bags will do the trick.

5. Give Definition to your Rooms.

Provide a clean palette and make sure that the spare bedrooms are made up, the dining area is no longer an office and return the rooms to their intended use.

Create space and opportunity for potential buyers to imagine where they would put their own furniture and use the rooms for their own purpose.

6. Take Good Quality Photos.

Now the hard work is done invite your agent to take some high-res quality photos to highlight all the best features and strong selling points to maximise viewings and resale potential.

Or take them yourself and don’t be shy to ask for better photos to be taken or advertised. Take advice but be involved.

7. Little Touches Make a Big Difference.

There are lots of little tricks to create a welcoming and ambient home. Fresh flowers and the old adage of the smell of freshly baked bread is slightly contrived, but often very effective. If you have a small property utilise mirrors to give the illusion of space.

Try and remember that when you are selling your property, it is effectively a show home. It is often the minor things that will secure or hinder a quick sale.

8. Make Each Viewing Count.

It’s still about that first impression. Make sure the house is sparkling and ready to welcome its potential new owners.

Asking a friend or relative to look after any furry companions may avoid putting off a buyer with allergies or fear of dogs/cats/birds. Make sure the house is clean. Clear your worktops, open your blinds and windows. Turn on the lights in any areas that don’t benefit from natural daylight. Also don’t forget to change that broken light bulb and make sure you’ve taken care of any small repairs.

Ensure you make your rooms light, airy and clutter-free. Remember that the idea is to offer potential buyers a clean palette so they can imagine how they will decorate and furnish their new home.

9. Give Viewers Space.

Allow potential buyers to wander around freely to view the house with the agent. Nobody likes to be overcrowded, especially when trying to make a big decision about buying a property.

Make them feel comfortable and be on hand for questions, but other than that, let the agent do their work.

10. Keep Appointments and Take Feedback.

Be contactable and provide easy access to the property. Potential buyers seldom like to be kept waiting so ensure that you keep appointment times or come to an agreement to allow agents to show the property in your absence.

You don’t want to miss out because you forgot to turn up.

A good agent will always give feedback, if not, make sure you ask. Take on board constructive criticism and make any minor changes to make their job easier to sell your home quickly.

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